Impacted by the Federal Government Shutdown?

Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (HBCRA) has created a Federal Employee Assistance Program that may be able to help you.


As integral members of our community, the Hallandale Beach  Community Redevelopment Agency wants you to know that we are here to assist as best we can to help you through these trying times.  City residents who have not been getting paid due to the partial government shutdown may apply to defer HBCRA loan payments until the federal government reopens and they receive their back pay.


As part of the Federal Employee Assistance Program created by the City, federal employees will be required to provide a copy of their federal identification and a letter from the federal government indicating furlough status.  Payments for their HBCRA loan will be deferred until the government reopens and issues backpay, at which time the customer will be required to make their payment in full or make a payment arrangement. All late fees will be waived and non-payment will not be referred to collections for these customers during the deferment period.


Residents requesting the deferment may visit the HBCRA office at City Hall, contact the office at (954) 457-2228, or apply online by  below.

    TERMS & CONDITIONS(required) I AGREE I am a Furloughed Federal employee not receiving pay during the government shutdown. I am requesting assistance with my utility bill until the government shutdown is over. I understand I must contact the Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Agency within two weeks from the end of the shutdown to pay my account in full or request a short-term payment arrangement. 

I understand if I do not pay my account in full or contact the HBCRA for payment arrangements my account will be removed from this agreement and subject to collection proceedings. 

By submitting this form electronically, I understand and agree to the terms outlined above.

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