The HBCRA is creating a sense of place and stimulating economic vitality through art activation and the revitalization of District 8.  HBCRA’s aim through creative arts activities, artwork on traffic signal boxes, art on fire hydrants, new decorative manhole covers, and murals is to attract new patrons from east and west Hallandale as well the greater Broward region and Miami-Dade County.  These activities will add culture, excitement, character and unique shopping opportunities to the city, and moreover brand Hallandale as a beacon for emerging talents and art innovation.  Our current art and culture programs include the Commercial Business Mural program and the 12 Months of Art collaborative with ArtServe.


The Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (HBCRA) Commercial Business Mural Program is to curate contemporary outdoor murals at key locations to enhance and enrich the existing cultural fabric of our community to attract more art related activities, increase business retention and events.  A mural is defined as a large-scale artwork, painting or mosaic applied to or mounted directly to an exterior surface of a building, construction fence or other structure and that is visible to the public right -of -way. It is primary intent is to be artistic in nature, rather than purely information, creative signage or commercial signage. A mural shall not indicate or describe in narrative, the form of commercial activity that happens inside a building. All proposed murals containing and signage elements, will be redirected to apply to the Planning and Zoning Department. Priority will be given to District 8 based on the direction given from the HBCRA Board.


Regular Paint Voucher Program/Neighborhood Enhanced Paint Program release and indemnification for homeowners.


To facilitate an Arts in Public Places programs and other art initiatives the HBCRA has partnered with ArtServe to assist with implementation, marketing and execution. ArtServe is a multidisciplinary arts nonprofit organization that empowers artists and cultural entities to achieve their vision, improve the cultural fabric of their community.  The partnership includes the 12 months of Art Project.  This year-round monthly program of art and culture related activations will create a new vibrant energy and brand a new look for the City of Hallandale Beach. ArtServe will assist with the management of general market communication, graphic design concepts, media placement, securing talent, and the general promotion of “12 months of Art”.

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