About This Project


1100 E. Hallandale Beach Boulevard


Romagnole Investment Properties, LLC, 407 Lincoln Road # 11C Miami Beach, FL 33139


Project consists of two contiguous sites with a total of 10.08 acres. The plans approved by the City Commission on May 18, 2016 consisted of a 200 room hotel, 500 residential units, and 93,460 square feet of commercial space the developer recently requested to redesign the approved revised proposal. The new proposal was approved by the City Commission on May 2, 2018 it consists of 500 multi-family residential units, 34,691 square feet of office space and 59,219 square feet of retail space for a total of 93,910 of general commercial space. No hotel is proposed in the new plans.


The construction cost is approximately $160 million with a projected market value of $ 370 million.


The presently approved plan was approved by the City Commission on May 4, 2016. Submittal of building permits is pending. Expiration date: May 18, 2018. Approval of the redesign is scheduled for City Commission consideration on April 18.

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